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TERMINATOR: DARK FATE               Supporting      Tim Miller
BUDDY DOES NOTHING Supporting Thom Kuo
RIDE SHARE Supporting Christine Conradt
MATERNAL INSTINCTS Supporting Michael Feifer STARF*CKER Lead Mark David BLIND FOLLOW, short Lead Eric Leja JONNY'S SWEET REVENGE Lead Mark David TROUBLE MAN Supporting Jackson Young TEXAS HEART Supporting Mark David LOVE MEET HOPE Supporting Bennie Woodell LUCKY HOG, short            Lead            Jay Tormohlen REMIX, short                Lead            Jennifer Magee ANGEL PUNK                  Supporting      Devon Lyon THE CORNERS                 Lead            Keith Apland EDEN, short                 Lead            Leif Peterson TELEVISION STARTUP Guest Star Crackle GRIMM Recurring NBC THE VALLEY: VERSE ONE Recurring Bennie Woodell MY CRAZY EX Guest Star Lifetime MY HAUNTED HOUSE Guest Star Lifetime LIFE COACH (pilot presentation) Series Regular Dean Milos YOU'RE THE WORST Co-Star FX THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL    Recurring     CBS ACES (pilot presentation) Guest Star Leigh Clemons WEB SERIES THE MADAMS Series Regular Creator, Writer, Producer THE BALLAD OF COCO Series Regular Thom Kuo THE VALLEY: VERSE ONE Recurring Thom Kuo COMMERCIAL AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST INDUSTRIAL/MUSIC VIDEO AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST TRAINING Scene Work for the Camera                   Mark Tillman, CSA Advanced Scene Study David Abbitt Dramatic Improv CM Studios Cold Reading Gail Abbott On-Camera Audition Techniques                         Todd Robinson Meisner Foundations                                   Michael Mendelson Meisner Technique                                     Act Now Portland, Jana Hamblin Advanced Public Speaking                              University of Portland, Portland OR SPECIAL SKILLS SPORTS: Basketball (Division I), Boxing, Running, Softball, Certified Spinning Instructor, Weight Lifting WEAPONS: Basic Handgun and Rifle Handling, Basic Urban Combat Tactics DIALECTS/ACCENTS: American Southern, Spanish, Standard British English, New York (Brooklyn) MUSIC: Orchestral String Instruments (Viola, Violin, Cello) BAG O TRICKS: Balloon Animal Making, Painting Instructor, Raw Oyster Chef